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The Palm Loses a Legend, and More Intel

Plus, opening champagne with a sword is not a great idea

The Palm Official

A Fond Farewell

The Washington Post profiles Tommy Jacomo, general manager of the Palm, who is retiring at the end of 2016. Jacomo brought an intensely personal touch to his job — making sure to remember names of patrons, along with where they like to sit and what they tend to order. [WaPo]

A LOL-Worthy Cautionary Tale

Opening a champagne bottle with a sword (or, if you’re not European royalty, a large kitchen knife) — an artform known as sabrage — is probably best left to the few professionals who manage to get it right. Check out these wonderfully cringeworthy videos of sabering gone wrong. [E]

Emoji Education

NPR’s The Salt blog takes a look at the whys behind food-themed emoji. There are some guidelines, of course: the food needs to be distinctive (no hummus or dosa, sorry!) as well as exceedingly detailed. [NPR]

Bijou Love

DCist argues that those who claim the Shaw Bijou is overrated ... are just plain wrong. Any hiccups have since been fixed, and the price (which is comparable to other high-end tables around the city.) [DCist]