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Eater’s Top D.C. Stories in 2016

What readers wanted to know

Trump Hotel’s lobby
Official rendering
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

2016 was a year of Trump drama, restaurant turnover, and Michelle Obama sightings, if Eater’s top stories are to be believed. Here are the top new stories Eater D.C. ran in 2016, not including the always-popular Eater 38 and Eater Heatmap updates.

Donald Trump's Statements Cause Backlash for D.C.'s Trump Hotel

This stream of news stories (which Eater first kicked off in 2015) all focused on the drama that emerged surrounding the restaurants in The Trump Hotel. After two big-name chefs, Jose Andres and Geoffrey Zakarian, pulled out of the project following controversial statements from the now president-elect, legal battles occurred and new restaurants eventually filled in the gaps, including BLT Prime and a not-yet-open sushi destination.

2016’s Restaurant Closings

Another story stream, this one gathered together all major news surrounding the year’s many restaurant closings. Stay tuned for a rundown on the most major losses for the restaurant community tomorrow.

15 Essential D.C. Rooftops for Drinking and Dining

While it hardly feels like rooftop dining season at the moment, luckily in D.C., the ability to drink on a rooftop extends for a good portion of the year (in some cases, year-round). This map focused on D.C.’s essential rooftop drinking and eating destinations, rather than newcomers.

The view from POV

The Hottest Brunches in D.C.

Brunch offerings change practically by the minute in D.C., so Eater works to regularly update this guide to the hottest brunches around.

Where to Eat Like Michelle Obama in D.C.

Eater has tracked more than 50 restaurants where the First Lady dined over the past several years. Favorites include Georgetown’s Fiola Mare, Nick Stefanelli’s Italian restaurant Masseria, bistro Chez Billy Sud, Spike Mendelsohn’s Capitol Hill restaurants, and more.

Chez Billy Sud

Where to Drink Coffee in D.C.

Throughout 2016, Eater D.C. made an effort to keep all of its core maps of regular, go-to destinations up to date, including this guide to the area’s top coffee houses.

The Trump Hotel’s Restaurant Roster Unraveling, Plus More Intel

More updates on the Trump Hotel dining situation, including a link to this in-depth exploration of how it all went down when two restaurateurs pulled out of the deal.

Where to Eat In and Around Union Station in D.C.

Fear not, train travelers. Eater has a fleshed-out guide to all of the restaurant options both within Union Station itself and in the nearby neighborhood.

Cafe Berlin

Geoffrey Zakarian's Restaurant at The Trump Hotel Won't Be Replaced

This next news story proved later to be somewhat misleading. Trump Hotel representatives said that the vacancy left by Geoffrey Zakarian’s planned restaurant in The Trump Hotel would be converted into meetings space, and that did end up happening with the physical space. But the hotel then decided to convert a new space within the hotel to allow for a second restaurant offering. Nakazawa will eventually open in the hotel in a space with a separate entrance.

Find All Restaurant Openings News from Fall 2016 Here

Eater modified the way it tracks fall openings news this year, with one monster post sharing details of every single restaurant opening, updated each time something new debuted. More than 100 restaurants ended up debuting during the season this year, which is way above average for the city.

Buzzy newcomer The Shaw Bijou
R. Lopez

Also popular this year: The D.C. Dim Sum Guide, Five Restaurants to Try, news of breastaurant chain The Tilted Kilt’s pending arrival, the Eater Drinks Map, the city’s stadium dining guide, D.C.’s iconic dishes.