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Morini Mondays Return; Kringle Cake at Bayou Bakery

A roundup of smaller restaurant news items

Kringle Cake
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

December 7, 2016

MULTIPLE LOCATIONS—Bayou Bakery has always been known for its King Cake. Will it next be known for its Kringle Cake? The Creole-inspired dessert (basically, a Christmas twist on the popular Mardi Gras favorite) are being made with croissant dough, praline crunch, creole cream cheese and praline glaze, and sold for $36. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN—In other festive dessert news, Milk Bar has added a grasshopper cake to its rotating. It has two cake flavors (chocolate chip and chocolate malt) layered with mint cheesecake, chocolate crumbs, and cookies and cream frosting. Cake pricing here ranges from $42-$250 depending on size. [EaterWire]

NAVY YARD—It’s back (or will be, come next Monday). Osteria Morini’s beloved Morini Mondays special has returned. On the weekday, customers can enjoy $10 pasta all night long. [FB]

MERRIFIELD—Catching a movie during the pre-holiday busy film season? Requin is catering to Angelika customer with a pre-theater special. Get three courses for $28. [FB]