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The Early Word on Roll Play in Tysons Corner

"i think it's more suited for American palates"

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Roll Play
Roll Play

Roll Play had its soft opening during the the holidays at 8150 Leesburg Pike in Vienna. The Vietnamese fast casual restaurant serves customizable rice paper rolls, vermicelli bowls, banh mi sandwiches, and pho. Toppings, protein options, and sauces like peanut sauce and sweet chili sauce are all selected by touch-screen kiosks.

The concept comes from the same owners behind Chasin' Tails in Arlington. It already has a whopping 112 Yelp reviews with an overall rating of four and a half stars. Read on for the early word on Roll Play:

The Quick, Friendly Service News: Facebook user Halil Ozi Dakar writes, "These guys are all awesome. They all know you by name and if there is ever a mistake they go above and beyond to fix it." Instagrammer @the_alexlee says, "The head honcho Boaz is as generous and hospitable as they come." Yelper Jeffrey O. writes, "Very quick, friendly service."  [FB, Instagram, Yelp]

The Expensive Bahn Mi News: Instagrammer @khoanguyen116 says, "Good food but a bit pricey." Yelper Kevin N. counters, "While some may say this is expensive banh mi, it is also very high quality for what it is."

The Legit Pork Belly News: Foursquare user Kathy C. calls it "perfectly tendered pork belly," and Instagrammer @gamebreaker8 writes, "their pork belly bahn mi with egg is pretty damn good." Yelper James S. writes, "Pork belly is legit, I highly recommend it with whatever you get." [FS, Instagram, Yelp]

The Small Egg Rolls News: Instagrammer @onenseven says the egg rolls are "decent for fast casual." Yelper Ellen A. writes, "The mini eggrolls were probably my least favorite. They were so small so you could not taste any of the filling." Yelper Sandy H. says, "I liked that these were mini. They were the perfect size and great for sharing. I felt it could have used just a bit more filing because there was just a sliver of it in there." [Instagram, Yelp]

The Nice and Flavorful Pho News: Yelper An N. writes, "The pho tastes very clean with no MSG aftertaste." Yelper Steve K. says it’s "good." Yelper Romena F. writes, "the broth was nice and flavorful. However, the ratio of soup to noddles was a bit off. I would have liked more soup." [Yelp]

The Fresh Coconut Is the Best News: Instagrammer @imerine writes, "Sippin on some fresh young coconut over lunch @rollplaygrill had me feeling like I was on a tropical island during this #snowzilla aftermath." Yelper Angela K. writes, "The Fresh coconut is the best! Ask for them to take the top off and you can eat the soft, coconut meat!"  [Instagram, Yelp]

The Generous Portions News: Yelper Chau T. writes, "…the portions are generous!" Yelper Natasha G., writes, "The portions are awesome, and the customization is wonderful." Instagrammer @jessuyen writes, "YAS. Coming back for more. Great portions..." [Yelp, Instagram]

The Suited for American Palates News: Instagrammer @cats_n_pizza says, "I think it's more suited for American palates" Yelper Catherine T. writes, "I think Roll Play is a bit more catered toward American palates rather than those looking for something totally traditional." [Instagram, Yelp]


8150 Leesburg Pike Ste 100, Vienna, VA 22182 (703) 891-5665