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Wake Up with the Rose's Luxury Team: Inside Pineapple & Pearls' Cafe

This is the second project from the Rose's Luxury team.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Diners will get a first peek at Pineapples & Pearls this morning. The coffee and cafe portion of the second project from the Rose's Luxury team opens today.

Only a portion of the space has been finished. But that space is enough to offer up coffee, pastries and sandwiches to daytime customers. The menu boasts coffee drinks like cortados and cappucinos, pastries like sweet rolls and lemon thyme shortbread, and a small selection of breakfast sandwiches.

The plan: to open the dinner portion of Pineapple & Pearls in about two months. The cafe is located at 715 8th St. SE.