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Obama Prefers Chemex Coffee and More Intel

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Mini news bites for the morning.

Facebook/Mark Wilson for Getty
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Hipster White House

The Chemex is becoming the brewing method of choice for coffee in the White House. There are 50 Chemex makers now etched with the Presidential seal. [E]

In the chef's hands

Not only will The Shaw Bijou be tasting menu-centric. This NBC4 report claims the anticipated restaurant won't even have a menu. [NBC]

Celebrate Lincoln with brunch

Here's a running tally of the places Eater has spotted offering brunch today for President's Day: Commissary, Beuchert's, Centrolina, Four Provinces/Four Courts, Agua 301, Meridian Pint, Pearl Dive, Riggsby, Tico, City Tap House, Del Campo, Graffiato, Kapnos, Kapnos Taverna, Pepita, Brookland's Finest, Kafe Leopold, Glen's Garden Market.

But not serving brunch...

Irish Whiskey had planned to offer brunch today for the holiday. But they're dealing with a burst pipes issue and are currently closed for business. [FB]