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These Restaurants Are Introducing Diners to Gooey, Cheesy Raclette

Get it while the weather's still cold.

Raclette at Blue Duck Tavern
Raclette at Blue Duck Tavern
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Raclette, Switzerland's cheese that becomes a meal with the introduction of vegetables, meats and other companions, is showing up as a comforting winter special on several D.C. menus this year. The experience shares some similarities with fondue — the cheese is melted and scraped onto a plate and used for a topping or pairing with its accompaniments. Dedicated raclette lovers have their own dedicated grills to enjoy the dish at home, but here's where to find it at D.C. restaurants instead:

Blue Duck Tavern
1204 24th St. NW
Blue Duck began offering raclette in the restaurant's lounge in late January. Their Vermont cheese is available starting at 6 p.m. The presentation involves three ounces of the cheese, melted, and served over smashed roasted potatoes, and paired with cured meats, pickles and mustard. It's $18 per serving and can easily be shared with another person. Wine pairings are also available.

The Fainting Goat:
1330 U St. NW
Raclette has showed up on the menu at Fainting Goat's Goat Underground dinners. Next, they'll throw an entire party devoted to raclette March 11. It's $65 per person for plenty of raclette and accompaniments, Butterscotch budino and beer. Reservations are needed, with a maximum of two spots per person.

The Big Stick:
20 M St. SE
The skiing-inspired Navy Yard bar has been hosting raclette Tuesdays this winter. Guests can use their own grills to grill vegetables, sausage, shrimp and more to go with the cheese. They'll keep hosting the nights through the end of March.