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LeBron James Dines at Filomena, and More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

Matchbox's first Texas location
Matchbox's first Texas location

Sit down

Restaurants and bars are putting more effort into their chairs. The goals are to keep guests comfortable, and set places apart from competitors. [WCP]

Star Watch

LeBron sighting in Georgetown: Cavs (and "Trainwreck") star LeBron James was spotted having dinner at Filomena. He's clearly a fan, having been spotted there three times before. [RS]

The bottomless math

Bottomless brunch is appealing to diners, but what about to restaurants. Some say guests lingering to get more alcohol results in their buying more food, so the margins end up working out okay. [E]

Miniburgers for Texas

Matchbox completes its expansion to Texas today. A location is opening at Preston Hollow Village in Dallas.

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