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The Early Word on Tail Up Goat in Adams Morgan

"I'd rather spend the time with my dinner guests than deciphering what is being served."

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Tail Up Goat
Tail Up Goat
Hannah H./Yelp

Komi and Little Serow vets Jon Sybert, Jill Tyler, and Bill Jensen opened Tail Up Goat earlier this month. The Adams Morgan restaurant is inspired by life in the Caribbean— the design has an ocean theme and the cocktails also exhibit an island influence. The  menu has a Mediterranean bent with dishes like crispy salt cod with smoked cauliflower and cavatelli with octopus ragu.

The neighborhood restaurant has 14 Yelp reviews with an overall rating of four and a half stars. There's also plenty of chatter on blogs and websites. Read on for the early word on Tail Up Goat:

The Ocean-esque Decor News: Washington City Paper writes, "The decor is…evocative of island life with an ocean-esque mural along the walls." Yelper Lilly S. says, "The decor is spare but lovely and calming. I loved the blue walls and wooden ceiling" and Instagrammer @nursebronwyn calls it "stunning." [WCP, Yelper, Instagram]

The Confusing Menu News: Yelper J P. writes, "the menu is confusing and thematically grouped. While you can guess what is an appetizer or an entree by the price, it takes the wait staff to explain and help you choose. I'd rather spend the time with my dinner guests, than deciphering what is being served." DCist explains, "Here's what diners need to know: Bar bites are up top, followed by fancy toast, seasonal vegetables, pastas, and entrees. If it's not an entree, expect a dish small enough to serve an an starter, side, or otherwise sharable item." [Yelper, DCist]

The Best Bread Ever News: DCist writes, "The house made breads are particularly inventive, from a charred chocolate rye to a toothsome sourdough shot through with little green crinkles of seaweed." Twitter user @KimAlexander80 says she had the best piece of bread ever in her life at the restaurant. [DCist, Twitter]

The Divisive Chocolate Rye and Sardine News: Speaking of bread, blogger Been There Eaten That writes, "Charred chocolate rye accompanies salt-crusted sardines, which oddly attracts me despite an aversion to sardines.  I spread a thin layer of sardines on a thick slice of darkly charred bread, sprinkle some crystals of salt on top, and rethink my long-held negative opinion." Catherine Moran for the GW Hatchet likes the bread but is less enthusiastic about the fish. She says, " The lifeless sardine eyes disconcerted me, and I couldn’t shake an uneasy feeling after a hairlike rib bone tickled my throat." [Been There Eaten That, GW Hatchet]

The Dreamy Pasta News: The menu offers three types of homemade pasta. DCist writes, "Pastas provide a … background for unexpected flavor combinations—imagine an octopus ragu or gingerbread crumbles over rutabaga ravioli…Each bite of the an alternating dance between sweet and savory thanks to delectable crumbles of sausage and drizzles of honey." Instagrammer @polreanforelas calls the smoked rutabaga ravioli "dreamy." [DCist, Instagram]

The Not Too Fishy Salt Cod News: Chowhound poster Worldwide Diner writes, "The menu didn't say croquettes but that's what I got. The menu also didn't say they would be devoid of salt fish flavor. I was super disappointed. " But Yelper Hannah H. writes, "this was plated so cutely, and the little bites were pretty tasty - not too fishy, had a good cod taste to each of them, a little crispy on the outside, and great with the smoked cauliflower puree and the pickled onions." [Chowhound, Yelp]

The Powerfully Flavored Quail News: Instagrammer @jasmine_chan says the quail with Greek yogurt and chimichurri is "outstanding," but Worldwide Diner writes on Chowhound, "The quail was nicely grilled but not easy to eat. And I was disturbed by the Greek yogurt. I don't think it mixed well with the chimichurri, but they were served together." Yet Blogger Been There Eaten That says, "The sauce is so powerfully flavorful that it could rev up any fish or fowl. Wet naps help keep me neat and tidy, but a slice of bread would be an even better way to sop up the sauce."  [Instagram, Chowhound, Been There Eaten That]

The Freaking Good Lamb Ribs News: Twitter user @markdedrick says the lamb ribs are "really freaking good." Yelper Jen M. writes, "the lamb ribs with a sumac onion and beet salad stole the show. The ribs dish serves two generously. The ribs fell off the bone and the onion and beet salad was a perfect accompaniment." [Twitter, Yelp]