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Cooper's Hawk Winery and Tropical Smoothie Café Open Today

More openings for the suburbs.

Cooper's Hawk Winery
Cooper's Hawk Winery

1) ASHBURN: Cooper's Hawk Winery opens today in Virginia. It's the first location in the D.C. area— the others are all in the Midwest and Florida. The menu has a huge range of dishes like bruschetta, flatbreads, soups, and entrees meant to complement the company's own line of wines. Status: Opening today. 19870 Belmont Chase Dr. Ashburn, Va. website.

2) BETHESDA: Robert Dyer reports Tropical Smoothie Cafe is opened this morning in downtown Bethesda. They're of course serving smoothies, along with food like salads, wraps, flatbreads, and tacos. There are already several locations in Virginia. Status: Opening today. 4731 Elm St. Bethesda, Md. website.