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New Space, Rare Spirits: Derek Brown's Columbia Room Returns Today

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Check out that Mosaic.

Columbia Room
Columbia Room
Jeff Elkins/Official

The Columbia Room is returning to D.C. today with a new location in Shaw at 124 Blagden Alley NW.

Expect innovative cocktails from head bartender JP Fetherston and co-owners Angie Salame and Derek Brown. The Robert Frost Cocktail, for example, will contain bourbon, amontillado sherry, white port, and orange bitters, all served with a glowing ember of sugar maple charcoal.

The cocktail den is divided into three areas— a tasting room, spirits library, and outdoor punch garden. The new space, which spans 2,400 square feet, has an opulent study vibe with tufted leather armchairs, glass cabinets, and angular mirrored side tables. There's also a striking Italian mosaic behind the curved wood bar.

The tasting room has room for 14 people. Ticketed diners will be served three or five-course menus paired with cocktails made of obscure ingredients like house-made kelp water or walnut-infused port. They could be matched with dishes like uni buttered toast and venison carpaccio. Pricing will be $75 for three courses and $100 for five courses.

There are also more details about the spirits library that has room for 22 people. The menu will feature 20 cocktails, and guests will also have the opportunity to try rare spirits like a pre-1960s Cuban Rum or Cognac from the era of Napoleon.

The outdoor punch garden won't open until spring, but it will have panoramic views of the D.C. skyline and space for growing herbs to be used in the Columbia Room's cocktails.

The Columbia Room, along with sister bar The Passenger, closed a year ago due to redevelopment. The Passenger is also relocating to a new space in Shaw. Derek Brown also operates three other local cocktails bars Mockingbird Hill, Eat the Rich, and Southern Efficiency.