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The Pretzel Bakery Reopens In its New Space Tomorrow

Next on the agenda: calzones and pub cheese bombs.

The Pretzel Bakery
The Pretzel Bakery
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

The Pretzel Bakery is about to debut in its new location. They're closed today, and they'll reopen at 257 15th St SE at 8 a.m. tomorrow.

They'll first do a soft opening week where they'll offer their original menu and work out the kinks at the new space, explains owner Sean Haney. "I didn't want to throw the entire kitchen sink at my staff," he said.

Next comes the fun stuff. They'll add some new menu items, including a pretzel dough calzone with homemade marinara, as well as a pub cheese which they'll use in dips and in a "bomb" similar to their Nutella Bomb. Sandwiches on pretzel rolls will follow, and they're aiming to get their liquor license in the spring so diners can enjoy beer with their pretzels.

The new location has a cafe with 18 seats (the former was just a walk-up), with a patio similar in size to their original. The new fully indoor space means workers won't be subject to the elements, which Haney is relieved about.

In general, the approach to the new place is slow but steady. "I would rather have four great things on a menu than 20 things that are just ok," he said.

The Pretzel Bakery, 257 15th St SE, website

The Pretzel Bakery's new location [Photo: Facebook]

The Pretzel Bakery's new location [Photo: Facebook]