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Breakfast Sandwiches Are Coming to Smucker Farms

Eventually, other sandwiches will follow

Smucker Farms
Smucker Farms

14th Street local market Smucker Farms will soon be adding sandwiches to its offerings.

The shop, which highlights the vendors of Lancaster County, is going to start off selling breakfast sandwiches. They'll be customizable — diners can choose from vehicles like bread, bagels and maybe even biscuits and top them with bacon, eggs, cheese and other fillings. They'll eventually move on to hot and cold lunch sandwiches after they've streamlined operations, according to operator Eric Smucker.

It's unclear how soon the sandwiches will be available: they've installed the physical counter but are waiting on final construction, and don't yet have a timeline. Smucker Farms is located at 2118 14th St. NW.

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