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Whoa, Doughnut Shop GBD is Closing in Dupont Circle

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Doughnuts and fried chicken couldn't last forever

R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Here's a jaw-dropper: after just three years in business, Neighborhood Restaurant Group's GBD is closing up shop in Dupont Circle. Tomorrow will be its last day.

"It's been an awesome three years and we've had a blast with all of you," the restaurant posted on Facebook.

The good news: the restaurant company is keeping the space, and opening it up with a new "crave-worthy menu of eats," according to the Facebook statement. The beer program under Greg Engert will remain at the new location.

GBD opened in April 2013, as part of D.C.'s contribution to the national fried chicken and doughnut trend (its major competitor, Astro, has two locations locally). Several more doughnut shops have emerged since in the area.

A rep for the restaurant had no further details on the decision or what's coming next.