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Baltimore's B Doughnut is Coming to Leesburg

Get ready for everything bagel doughnuts.

Cream-filled doughnuts from B Doughnut
Cream-filled doughnuts from B Doughnut

The second location of Baltimore's B Doughnut is coming to Virginia. The shop will open at 836 South King St. in Leesburg. There's no estimated opening date or plans for other locations yet.

Calling itself an "artisan doughnut shop," the Baltimore location opened in Hampden last summer. Husband and wife team Brian and Pin Chanthapanya make their sought-after products by hand and regularly sell out by 10:30 a.m.

B Doughnut specializes in the cream-filled variety in flavors like lemon curd, berry jam, chocolate, and vanilla bean. They have even more rotating flavors like mango and matcha whip. They also make regular doughnuts and savory "everything bagel doughnuts."