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Todd Thrasher Is Planning a Rum-Focused Juggernaut at the Wharf

Rum, rum, rum.

The Wharf
The Wharf
Rendering: Official

The Washington Post has an inside look at the forthcoming Potomac Distilling Co., the rum distillery and tiki bar from Todd Thrasher. Thrasher is perhaps best known in the city for his speakeasy-style Alexandria bar PX (he also handles the cocktails at nearby Restaurant Eve.)

Calling his upcoming venture Potomac Distilling Co. a likely force of boozy nature would not be incorrect. Thrasher tells the Post that he has a lot of big plans for his multi-hyphenate new place at the Wharf, expected to open in September 2017.

There will be a rum distillery. There will be a retail shop in which to purchase said rum. And there will be three — yes, three — bars in which to drink said rum.

Instead of hiring a distiller, The Post reports, Thrasher is figuring it out on his own. He's going on a kind of rum knowledge learning quest, starting at Moonshine University in Louisville, Kentucky and then spending the next year peeking into (and likely getting hands dirty in) his friends' distilleries.

While he'll be covering a lot of bases with his rum — traditional spiced, of course — he also wants to head in an unorthodox direction, with a lighter spiced rum (green herbs, cardamom) for gin-lovers.

Read the full report over on The Washington Post.