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Food Delivery Deserts, Plus More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

Flight Wine Bar, a less-buzzy but very worthy DC venue.
Flight Wine Bar, a less-buzzy but very worthy DC venue.
R. Lopez

A listicle for the underdogs

Zagat highlights nine DC restaurants they think are totally delicious — but aren't getting enough love. Flight Wine Bar, The Royal and Bar Civita make the list of less-buzzy but still worthy local venues. [Zagat]

Cap Hill suggestions

Washingtonian lists 10 places to eat in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. There are some expected hits — Rose's Luxury, Maketto — along with some less-expected, like Bistro Bis and Ethiopic. [Washingtonian]

Food delivery and food deserts

DCist takes a look at DC's food deserts — and how those residents are impacted by the recent influx of food-delivery apps that seem content to not deliver to their areas. [DCist]

A quicker, easier fizz

Washington City Paper spills the beans on how Beuchert's Saloon is able to bypass the usual 10-15 minutes of labor-intensive shaking it takes to make a proper Ramos gin fizz (hint: milkshake blender.) [WCP]

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