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Slurpee Doughnut Versus Actual Slurpee, Plus More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning

Dram and Grain
Dram and Grain
Christine T/Yelp

Slurpee for the Win

Washington Post taste tests the convenience store's Wild Cherry Slurpee next to its relative, the Wild Cherry Slurpee doughnut. Both treats are terrifying shades of red. In terms of flavor, the slurpee edges out the doughnut in the end.

Beer Here

DCist has a beer guide that might rankle the beer nerds. It's all about finding the cheapest beer in town, and that doesn't necessarily include craft ales. The most surprising pick? The National Mall kiosks.

Weirdest Kitchen Equipment

Washington City Paper rounds-up some of the most unique items of kitchen equipment used at D.C. restaurants. Check out the separatory funnel at Dram & Grain, which is traditionally used by perfumers instead of bartenders.

Foodie's Guide to D.C.

Washingtonian released a new "foodie's" guide to D.C. just in time for peak tourist season. The picks are pretty standard. Think Barmini, Rose's Luxury, Union Market, and Georgetown Cucpake. There are also some surprises in there like two vineyards in Purcellville and Butler's Orchard in Germantown.