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The Early Word on the Cafe at Pineapple and Pearls

"From the floor tile to the coffee machine, I am impressed with the details!"

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Pineapple and Pearls
Pineapple and Pearls
R. Lopez

The cafe portion of Pineapple and Pearls opened last month. It's the second project from the Rose's Luxury team— the restaurant section will open in April.

The small space offers a coffee shop-style menu to daytime customers. There are coffee drinks like cortados and cappucinos, pastries like sweet rolls and lemon thyme shortbread, and a small selection of breakfast sandwiches.

There's no seating or wifi, but the small cafe already has 18 Yelp reviews with an overall rating of four and a half stars. Read on for the early word on Pineapple and Pearls:

The Instagram Worthy Floors News: The tiled floors are becoming a popular backdrop for the classic overhead shot of shoes on Instagram.

Pineapple breakfast buns + the prettiest tiles: my dirty sneakers are unworthy

A photo posted by Casey Manning (@caseymanning) on

Instagrammer @melizabeth5 writes, "These floors though... Just slightly obsessed with Pineapple & Pearls." Yelper Melissa M. writes, "From the floor tile to the coffee machine, I am impressed with the details!" [Instagram, Yelp]

The On Point Latte Art News: But the cafe's latte art might be even more popular on Instagram. Instagrammer @sethwells86 enjoyed a "gangster ass macchiato" but Instagrammer @the_real_chinito says her drink looked like "the saddest little head of garlic ever." Blogger Bad Sentences writes, "the latter art was more than on point." [Instagram, Bad Sentences]

The Namesake Sweet Roll NewsWashington Post writes, "Perhaps destined to be the signature item at Pineapple and Pearls, the pineapple bun features a spiral of cardamom-laced pineapple butter, a textbook balance of sweet, tart and spice." Yelper Jessica P. says, "The roll was much heavier and more substantial than most sweet rolls. It definitely will be the thing I return for…" [WaPo, Yelp]

The Spicy Chocolate Roll NewsWashington Post writes, "the Mexican hot chocolate bun benefits from a crunchy garnish -- cacao nibs -- and the gentle fire provided by cayenne mixed in with cocoa powder."  Yelper Emily V. says, "I am pretty careful and I still ended up with chocolate all over my face and hands. It was also spicy and delicious." [WaPo, Yelp]

The Delicious Brisket Roll News: Yelper Pegah Y. says this special roll is "so delicious," and it was also a favorite of blogger Haute on the Hill. [Yelp, Haute on the Hill]

The Creative Egg Hash Sandwich News: Yelper Sam S. says, "I believe the eggs were baked, so the sandwich is super thick and very filling. I have never had an egg sandwich like this, and love the creativity." Blogger Bad Sentences writes, " was the most interesting breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had. The egg hash is flavorful and delicious, but the star of the show is the creative masa bread...I’ve never had anything like it, and although the sandwich too could have been served hotter, I scarfed it down with glee." [Yelp, Bad Setences]

The Comparable to Israeli Falafel News: The GW Hatchet writes, "The falafel was comparable to dishes I’ve eaten in Israel and heads and shoulders over the falafel sandwiches at Roti. It was soft, smooth and lacked any chickpea chunks – the perfect combination for a falafel ball. The pita was lightly browned and chewy without being tough." Yelper Maeve G. also highly recommends it. [GW Hatchet, Yelp]

The Interesting Chicken Sandwich News: Diners seemed less enthusiastic about the grilled chicken sandwich. Yelper Soumeya B. says, "The chicken sandwich I wish had thinly sliced chicken. Too hard to chew." Yelper Oliver J. writes, " The sandwich was interesting, although the brioche is fluffy so I was disappointed with the amount of chicken. Also, I found the meat rather tough." [Yelp]

The Lovely Shortbread News: Blogger Scott Edelman writes, "I’m already a sucker for good shortbread—and this was good shortbread—but the gentle lemon-thyme was nice extra touch." Yelper Emily H. writes, "the real winner for me was the shortbread. It is perfectly balanced, with a lovely texture." [Scott Edelman, Yelp]

The Insanely Glamorous Packaging News: Washington City Paper writes, "…the to-go packaging may just be the most glamorous in D.C. Each order is handed off in a sleek department store-style black bag, and the sandwiches are contained in gold-specked white boxes sealed with gold colored tape. Even the tin foil is colored gold." Yelper Dona P. writes, "The presentation is insane; custom made bags, cups, sandwich boxes, seriously add a major luxury feel to it!!" [WCP, Yelp]

Pineapple and Pearls

715 8th Street Southeast, , DC 20003 (202) 595-7375 Visit Website

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