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A Laptop Hubbub, Plus More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

R. Lopez

Laptops OK sometimes

A Baked Joint received a ton of online backlash from students/freelancers/everyone after news spread of its "no computers or study material" policy. After Twitter exploded, ABJ clarified: this policy is only for the busiest hours of the weekend, ok? [DCist]

Convivial to-do list

Zagat headed to Shaw's Convivial for a taste test — and came back with five dish recommendations. Among the selections: latke with celery root and cured lamb and fried chicken "coq au vin." [Zagat]

Free + fridge = freedge

There's a philanthropic new effort going on in Petworth: the "freedge." Its founders and builders hope having a sidewalk fridge, open to all, will help reduce food waste and help city dwellers connect with their neighbors. [Borderstan]

Patio is a must

As the weather warms up, the swarms of al fresco diners will, too. Washington City Paper delves into the issue of patios and roof decks — and how having one is kind of crucial to good sales. [WCP]