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Shake Shack is Teaming Up with Erik Bruner-Yang on a Chicken Sandwich

It's available starting Friday

The Crispy Peking Chicken sandwich
The Crispy Peking Chicken sandwich
Liz Clayman/Official
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Here's a rock star collaboration if there ever was one: Maketto chef Erik-Bruner Yang is teaming up with Shack on a special chicken sandwich.

The Crispy Peking Sandwich combines a fried chicken breast with Maketto's hoisin sauce, pickles, cucumbers and scallion. The buttermilk-marinated chicken breast is served on a potato roll. It is priced at $6.49.

The sandwich will only be available for a limited time at D.C.-area Shake Shacks. Find it from April 15 through April 24 at the Dupont, F Street, Union Station and Tysons Corner locations (as well as in Baltimore).

It's a big news day for the Maketto chef. The day's reveals: he'll be opening a restaurant at the upcoming Line Hotel in Adams Morgan, and is stepping down from his first restaurant, Toki Underground, to focus on his new endeavor.