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Plato's Diner Hit By Fire; Break-In at Agora

Plus, a closure in Petworth

Plato's Diner
Plato's Diner
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

COLLEGE PARK— A fire has sidelined College Park institution Plato's Diner. The incident took place last Thursday and has significantly damaged the structure. The owners wrote on Facebook, "Today it's emotional and raw. It's not how we planned. But it'll all be ok. We will build again." [FB]

PETWORTH— Longtime takeout restaurant Lawrence's II has closed in Petworth. No word yet on whether it will reopen. [PoP]

DUPONT CIRCLE— Agora Restaurant suffered a break-in and security footage shows the incident in action. Police are offering a reward for information. [Borderstan]