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The Early Word on Bangkok Joe's in Georgetown

"the panang chicken buns...tasted just like they did in the past!"

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Bangkok Joe's
Bangkok Joe's

Bangkok Joe's is back. The formerly shuttered Georgetown restaurant reopened earlier this month after it was briefly replaced by Mama Rouge. It joins several closed D.C. restaurants plotting comebacks this year.

The Thai restaurant returned to its original location on the Georgetown Waterfront with an updated look from Collective Architecture. It also has many of the same beloved menu items, but chef Aulie Bunyarataphan has also added some more traditional and spicier dishes like Isaan sausage and a green papaya salad with fermented crab.

How are diners reacting to the Thai restaurant's second coming? It currently has seven Yelp reviews with an overall rating of four and a half stars. There's also plenty of chatter elsewhere on the internet. Read on for the early word on Bangkok Joe's:

The Beautiful Decor News: Yelper Kirk S. writes, "the interior is anything but yet another DC restaurant - it's extremely opulent and open in a way that I didn't expect whatsoever." Yelper Andrew S. calls the vibe "really nice and modern." Examiner says, "The revamped restaurant is better than ever, with its...beautiful, red-hued new decor." [Yelp, Examiner]

The Deceptively Boozy Drinks News: Brightest Young Things writes, "The bright punch... was deceptively boozy, and paired a little too well with the champagne." Instagrammer @_sweet.tee also had the vodka punch and says it was "good." [BYT, Instagram]

The Many Types of Dumplings News: Instagrammer @anabarboza86 says the mushroom ginger dumplings are "delicious," but Yelper Erica H. doesn't like the five veggie dumplings. Yelper Kristen M. is thrilled the winter squash potstickers were just like how they used to be. [Instagram, Yelp]

The Damn Good Pad Thai News: Although Bangkok Joe's is getting attention for the spicier and fermented dishes they've added the menu, many diners are still sticking to  familiar dishes like pad Thai. Yelper Karina M. writes, "I loved it! I think they gave a pretty good portion, it was seasoned well, the bean sprouts were crunchy and tasted fresh." Yelper Andrew S. says it's "damn good." [Yelp]

The Out of This World Noodles News: There are also plenty of other noodle dishes on the menu. Yelper Kirk S. writes, "their Rama Chicken Curry Noodles were out of this world. The chicken was perfectly cooked and tender, the curry and peanut sauce were absolutely spot-on, and the noodles themselves were melt-in-your-mouth good." Yelper Paul C. liked the salmon noodles, but Yelper Hannah H. had some issues with the sesame chicken noodles salad although the portion of meat was generous. She writes, "I wished that there were a bit more of the dressing, as I like my dish more on the saucier side..However, the sauce itself tasted okay, but I do like peanut sauces more creamier and peanut-y in taste... " [Yelp]

The Exactly Right Chicken Basil News: Facebook user Keron Adams writes, "My favorite! I was there this past Saturday and ordered this dish. Two thumbs up to the chef for getting it EXACTLY right!" Yelper Paul C. also likes the chicken basil rice bowl. [FB, Yelp]

The Divine Panang Curry News: Yelper Kristen M. writes, "the panang chicken buns...tasted just like they did in the past!" Yelper Erica H. calls the Panang curry "divine." [Yelp]

The Friendly Staff News: Yelper Andrew S. writes, "Everyone on staff greeted me at the door," and Yelper Paul C. says the waitress and host were both "super nice." Brightest Young Things calls the staff "hard-working and determined." [Yelp, BYT]

Bangkok Joe

3000 K St NW, Washington, D.C. 20007