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Inside the Industrial Radiator, Where Drinkers Can Play Shuffleboard

It's in the new Mason & Rook hotel

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

It's a busy month for Kimpton, with two new restaurant and bar destinations opening in April. The second to debut is Radiator, inside the new Mason & Rook Hotel, following the recent opening of Ashlar in Alexandria.

As the name might suggest, the bar has an industrial theme, and is inspired by the car dealerships and auto repair shops that used to occupy the bar's neighborhood during the 20th century (vintage car parts can be spotted throughout the space). There are 57 seats in the bar area, with wood and leather accents dominating the look. There's also a 23-seat lounge and a private dining room, as well as a 50-seat patio with a fire pit and shuffleboard court. GrizForm Design Architects was responsible for the look.

Visitors to Radiator will be able to play such games as chess, and Jenga (there's even a life-sized Connect Four, while drinking whiskey and cocktails from Sarah Rosner. Food options from chef Jonathan Dearden lean global, from lamb belly tacos to kimchi pickles. Radiator opens Thursday.

Radiator, 1430 Rhode Island Ave NW, website