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New Chuy's and Dickey's Barbecue Pit Locations Now Open

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Today's openings, from shuffleboard bars to Tex-Mex restaurants

Chuy's Sterling
Chuy's Sterling
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

1) LOGAN CIRCLE: It's opening day for Radiator, Kimpton's new bar at the Mason & Rook hotel. For more details and photos, take a tour here. This bar features shuffleboard and international fare. Status: Opening today. 1430 Rhode Island Ave NW; website. UPDATE: Late afternoon Thursday, the restaurant announced a last-minute construction delay would delay opening until next week.

2) STERLING: The latest location of Austin transplant Chuy's has opened in Sterling. Expect the same kitschy decor and beloved Tex-Mex fare. Status: Certified open. 21365 Epicerie Plaza, Sterling, Va.; website.

3) ALEXANDRIA: It's grand opening day for Dickey's Barbecue's latest local location (thanks to a reader for the tip). The chain, serving ribs, pulled pork, and more, has been increasing its presence in Northern Virginia. Status: Grand opening today. 6451 Old Beulah St, Ste C, Alexandria,