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The Early Word on Alta Strada in City Vista

"’s warm, full of natural light, and sort of folds you into the door like you fold egg yolks into flour for pasta dough."

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Alta Strada
Alta Strada
Michelle Goldchain

Alta Strada opened last month inside the City Vista development. The Italian trattoria is the third D.C. restaurant from chef Michael Schlow, and Boston transplant Michael Zentner is overseeing the kitchen.The menu offers antipasti, fresh pastas, and thin crust pizzas.

But how does it measure up to Schlow's other local restaurants like Tico and The Riggsby? It currently has eight Yelp reviews with an overall rating of four stars. There's also plenty of chatter on websites and social media. Read on for the early word on Alta Strada:

The Great Atmosphere News: Brightest Young Things writes, "And at no point does the space feel exclusive, or private. Quite the opposite, in fact; it’s warm, full of natural light, and sort of folds you into the door like you fold egg yolks into flour for pasta dough." Yelper A.K.R.writes, "Atmosphere is great. It's not a huge space, but it's buzzy, homey, and well decorated." [BYT, Yelp]

The On Point Music News: Diners are enjoying the music selection at Alta Strada. Yelper Paola A. writes, "the atmosphere is casual but hip- good music.." Yelper Norm S. says the music selection is "on point." [Yelp]

The Really Good Drinks News: Brightest Young Things says "their bar program includes two draft cocktails on a nitrogen tap, which yields a creamy, velvety, and tasty spin on a Negroni." Yelper Paola A. also thinks the drinks are "really good" and loves the Lambrusco wine. [BYT, Yelp]

The Delicious and Simple Burrata News: Yelper Vicky J. says the burrata is "good" and Yelper Caitlin O. writes, "Delicious, and simple. I liked the addition of peppers to the dish." [Yelp]

The Awesome Octopus News: Brightest Young Things likes the octopus appetizer, as does instagrammer @rinacucina who says it's "awesome." [BYT, Instagram]

The Eggplant Debate News: Yelper Caitlin O. says the crispy eggplant is "a fun and unexpected dish."  Yelper A.K.R. writes, "the eggplant was a major disappointment -- attractive dish, but both the eggplant and breading were very tough...Definitely not the soft, pillowy eggplant with a crisp crust I would've hoped for." [Yelp]

The Perfect Thinness and Crunchiness News: Pizza is a focus of the restaurant, but diners don't have surprisingly little to say about it so far. Yelper Caitlin O. writes, "if you love the earthy flavors of mushrooms and truffle oil, order this pizza. the crust was amazing, and it was the perfect thinness and crunchiness!" Yelper Vicky J. writes, "The sausage and broccoli rabe pizza was very flavorful." Yelper Norm S. adds, "My wife really enjoyed the arugula salad but was disappointed by the ubersalty Margherita pizza." [Yelp]

The Pasta Perfection News: Diners are loving nearly all the pasta dishes, and the tagliatelle is a favorite so far. Instagrammer @jtowns says it’s "sooo good" and Yelper Carley L. thinks it's "SUPERB!" Instagrammer @saralrosenblum also says the spaghetti al pomodro is "perfection." [Instagram, Yelp]

The Amazing, Amazing Dessert News: Facebook user Thomas J Wieczorek says the desserts are "amazing." Instagrammer @kramos1841 writes: "Whole meal was amazing but this Panna Cotta with orange slices and pistachios paired with complimentary lemon sorbet put it over the top." Brightest Young Things says, "their chocolate shortbread with mascarpone dip is almost exactly like eating pre-separated double-stuffed Oreos. It’s amazing." [FB, Instagram, BYT]

The Wonderful Staff News: Yelper Alice V. writes, "Service was wonderful and staff was incredibly friendly." Yelper A.K.R. says, "Seems the service and management team was all on deck -- lots of service going on, and everything was prompt and attentive." [Yelp]

Alta Strada, Mosaic

2911 District Avenue, , VA 22031 (703) 280-0000 Visit Website