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A Booming Food Truck Biz, Plus More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning.

Toki Underground/Facebook

Building a food truck empire

The Washington Post profiles Eduardo Bocock, a Costa Rica native who, instead of opening a restaurant as per his longtime dream, he started a NorVa business making food trucks instead. [WaPo]

Cool old thing

Someone found this really cool thing in Key West, Florida: a bottle with some major DC History. The bottle reads: "W. Neuland Restaurant H Street, NE Washington, DC." [POPVille]

University of chocolate milk?

University of Maryland has been doing some backtracking — turns out their December study that concluded a certain brand of chocolate milk was good for high school football players (??) was sponsored by said brand and is full of issues. [Eater]

My First (Terrible) Job

Washingtonian asked Toki Underground's beverage director, Neil Dundee, about his first bar job. It was pretty rough — think phone numbers instead of tips, being outnumbered by intense singles and more. [Washingtonian]