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The Early Word on Fire-Themed Bonfire in Dupont Circle

"Grab the marrow tots if you know what's good for you. Bananas."


Bonfire opened near Dupont Circle earlier this month. The two-story restaurant and bar from Social Restaurant Group has a fire theme with interior design by Swatchroom. The playful menu by executive chef R.L. Boyd and pastry chef Ellen Diekemper also incorporates elements of smoke and fire into the desserts like s'mores and campfire skillets. Smoky flavors find their way into the cocktails as well. The restaurant and bar already has 46 Yelp reviews with an overall rating of four and a half stars. Read on for the early word on Bonfire;

The Beautiful Atmosphere News: Yelper theFOOD E. writes, "The design and vibe really complement this interesting concept." Yelper Laura S. says, "The interior design is beautifully done with the rustic elegance theme, and Facebook user Evelina Cebotari says Bonfire has a "beautiful atmosphere." [Yelp, FB]

The Good Value Happy Hour News: Instagrammer @whistlerchris calls the happy hour specials "good value." Yelper Virna V. writes, "Their happy hour lasts til 8pm which is rare in DC or anywhere really," and Yelper Tia T. says, "The happy hour is a pretty good deal for the area..."

The Yummy Drinks News: Twitter user @OooImSoExcited exclaims, "yummy drinks!" Instagrammer @al_xkolev writes, "really good drinks," and Instagrammer @jackjackwinsays they were "fantastic." [Twitter, Instagram]

The Really Fresh Tuna Poke News: Instagrammer @tracibakerjackson "absolutely loved" the tuna poke." Yelper Amber G. says, "The tuna poke was served with white soy, avocado, and fried garlic, over a crispy rice patty. I loved this dish.. really fresh fish, and great accompaniments." [Instagram, Yelp]

The Deelish Duck and Waffle: Yelper Sara B. writes "the crispy duck confit was exactly right, just asked for the sauce on the side, so waffle didn't get soggy." Foursquare user Michael Hilgendorf says the duck and waffle is "awesome," and Instagrammer @chucklee81 says it’s "deelish." [Yelper, FS, Instagram]

The "Bananas" Bone Marrow Tots: Instagrammer @amylynn8256 says the bone marrow tots are "so good," and Instagrammer @sooperhito thinks they’re "amazing." Yelper Matthew G. writes, "Grab the marrow tots if you know what's good for you. Bananas." [Instagram, Yelp]

The Amazing Short Ribs News: Yelper Pantelis T. writes, "the short ribs came right off the bone," and Nina H. says, "Mac and cheese short rib and hush puppies were amazing!" [Yelp]

The Awesome S'mores News: Facebook user Deb Hauser says "awesome desserts!"and Yelper Cris S. says the homemade s’mores are "phenomenal" Instagrammer@eatdrinkdc says the toasted coconut and raspberry pistachio s'mores are particularly "awesome." [FB, Yelp, Instagram]


, Washington, D.C. (202) 833-1860