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Quarry House Moving Back, A Beer Garden for NoMa, More Construction Updates

Another &pizza on the way

The bar at Quarry House
The bar at Quarry House

1) SILVER SPRING— Quarry House is now indicating on their beer lists that they're moving back to their original location across the street at the end of summer. The bar temporarily moved into the vacant space across the street following a fire last year. [PLYWOOD]

Quarry House beer list [Photo: Meredith Bethune]

2) NOMA— The area around Union Market is getting another drinking option for Memorial Day weekend, according to Washington City PaperBartenders Gina Chersevani and Jason Strich are opening bar trailer Neal Place Tap & Garden with 25 beers and cocktails on tap. [PLYWOOD]

3) CHINATOWN— PoPville reports the new location of &pizza is back on track for opening. There's now a liquor license placard on the windows of the storefront at 705 H St. NW. [PLYWOOD]