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The Early Word on Pineapple and Pearls, Aaron Silverman's New Restaurant on Barracks Row

"I'm already plotting my return"

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Pineapple and Pearls
Pineapple and Pearls
R. Lopez

Aaron Silverman started dinner service at Pineapple and Pearls earlier this month. The ticketed, $250-per-person menu features seven to ten courses by the team behind Rose's Luxury. Jeff Faile, who recently left Neighborhood Restaurant Group, is handling the beverages. The menu will change regularly, but so far diners have feasted on spring garlic egg drop soup, white asparagus okonomiyaki, and beef rib with mole.

Washington Post restaurant critic Tom Sietsema is already a big fan, but do other diners think it's worth the hefty price tag? The Yelp reviews of Pineapple and Pearls include takes on both the dinner and coffee shop that opened in February, so that rating isn't a great indicator. But there are plenty of opinions on the blogs and social media. Read on for the early word on Pineapple and Pearls:

The Sleek and Modern Decor News: Zagat says, "The space has a very different look than its next-door sibling, Rose’s Luxury, which embodies a 'cool grandma’s attic' vibe. Here, you’ll find sleek, modern colors and lines that reflect what’s on the forefront of restaurant design right now." Washingtonian writes,"Indeed, the dining room, with its black and white color palette, isn’t over-worked or distracting." [Zagat, Washingtonian]

The One of the Best Bargains News: Apparently the $250 price tag for dinner is a deal. Blogger Capital Gourmand writes, "I believe it is one of the best bargains one can find for a restaurant of this caliber. " Instagrammer @pnaijen says "well worth the hype." and Instagrammer @jessieeilkson agrees that it's "totally worth it." Instagrammer @jesterlw001 says, "It's pricey (like special occasion price) but it's so...just really good."  [Capital Gourmand, Instagram]

The Chef Sitings News: Diners are pretty starstruck by the presence of Aaron Silverman himself at the restaurant. Blogger Been There Eaten That writes, "We [were] seated at the counter, only a few feet away from Chef Silverman." Blogger The Food Doc writes, "Mr. Silverman was there to warmly greet me and thank me for coming to dinner." Instagrammer @hawbit writes, "Aaron Silverman served one of the courses, that was exciting." [Been There Eaten That, Food Doc, Instagram]

The Impeccable (or Not) Service News: Blogger Jasmine Chan Eats experienced "nearly spotless service" and "incredible hospitality from the wait staff and the chefs themselves." Instagrammers @fattygloria and @bmthomas09 both say the service is "impeccable." Blogger The Food Doc is one of the few detractors. He writes, "However, the service seemed stilted and rough, and it did not have the same warmth that one experienced at Rose's Luxury." [Jasmine Chan, Instagram, Food Doc]

The Cool Ass Presentation News: Instagrammer @polreanforreals writes "cool ass presentation" about the bone marrow custard with red onion marmalade served in egg shell cups. Yelper Hannah H. writes, "this was not too heavy, but quite delicious, spread on little brioche soldiers." Blogger The Food Doc writes, "Rich but never overwhelming." [Instagram, Yelp, Food Doc]

The Favorite Dish of the Year News: Washingtonian describes the white asparagus okonomiyaki: "A tender asparagus spear coated with mushroom duxelles and chicken mousse is rolled in a rice-flour crepe, then topped with bonito flakes for a play on the Japanese street food." Blogger Scott Edelman writes, "Not only was this the dish of the night as far as I was concerned … but it may be my favorite dish of the year so far." [Washingtonian, Scott Edelman]

The Avocado and Caviar Wins Out News: Blogger Been There Eaten That writes, "Avocado paired with ostreta caviar showcases a precise attention to detail in the food, as well as to the vessel in which it is served. Every plate, glass, and utensil exhibits flair." Instagrammer @jeremyjwatson is still thinking about this course and Instagrammer @dhoye3 writes, "It was hard to pick the best course of 14 but avocado ice cream and caviar won out." [Been There Eaten That, Instagram]

The Whimsical Cocktails News: Diners are loving the fennel and absinthe drink. Blogger Been There Eaten That writes, "An alluring fennel bonbon rests above an absinthe cocktail. It is whimsical food and drink all rolled into one." Twitter user @sheepeh asks about another of Faile's cocktails, "How do you make scotch taste like tawny port???? I have no idea, but Pineapple & Pearls sure does." [Been There Eaten That, Twitter]

Dessert News: Dinner ends with more than one dessert course. Blogger Been There Eaten That writes, "Pecorino cake with basil gelato delights with its varying degrees of textures and temperatures. Chocolate souffle is satisfying, but it’s the accompanying honeycomb ice cream with crispy buckwheat that thrills me with its wow factor. " Yelper Hannah H. writes of the pecorino cake, "this was delicious - the basil gelato was super tasty, and the strawberries were beautifully-ripened and fresh." She continues, "the souffle tasted like a brownie batter; the ice cream was yummy - caramel-like with the honeycomb infused within, and I loved the toasted buckwheat toppings." [Been There Eaten That, Yelp]

The Can't Wait To Go Back News: Many diners were so impressed that they're dying to pay up and experience Pineapple and Pearls again. Blogger Jasmine Chan Eats writes, "I’m already plotting my return." Twitter user @jcmeloni writes, "Still thinking about last night's dinner at Pineapple and Pearls. SO WORTH IT. We'll be back." Washington Post commenter Ryan F. says "can’t wait to go back." [Jasmine Chan, Twitter, WaPo]

Pineapple and Pearls

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