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Yona Restaurant Just Got Buns, Hun

There's a whole menu of buns at the Asian restaurant

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Jonah Kim at Yona
Jonah Kim at Yona
R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Yona just added another menu to the mix — one completely devoted to Asian buns.

The restaurant is now offering buns in such varieties as shrimp and ham, tuna poke, chicken, oxtail, and pork. Prices range from $10-12. There's also a combination order that gives customers one of each for $26.

Jonah Kim's Arlington noodle house has made several changes in recent weeks, such as a Wednesday sushi offering (UPDATE: a rep says they'll now add that as a daily option) and a new lunch menu. Check out the buns menu below.

Yona Buns Menu


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