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Tracking Margarita Prices Around D.C.

Top shelf or just top dollar?

Margarita at El Centro D.F.
Margarita at El Centro D.F.

The margarita is the quintessential Mexican cocktail, and it's popular year-round at restaurants and taquerias across the city. Good tequila comes at a price, though. A round or two of margaritas can result in a hefty bar tab.

As with all cocktails, margarita pricing varies significantly by location. In the spirit of the site's Manhattan price tracker, Eater D.C. investigated costs at some of the city's most popular spots for the drink and uncovered a huge range. At Oyamel, a pitcher runs a staggering $55. On the other end, Impala Cantina and Tortilla Coast both sling margaritas starting at $7. This list emphasizes regular pricing rather than any happy hour deals.

Ultimately, factors like the size of the drink or pitcher and the amount and quality of liquor all play a role when considering overall value. But the bottom line for most people is price. Here's a brief snapshot of the range of what's out there. And there's a silver lining — many of these restaurants will be offering their drinks at a steep discount on Cinco De Mayo due to specials.

Restaurant Price per glass Price per pitcher Tequila type
Agua 301 $8 N/A Sauza blanco
El Centro DF $9 $40 Sauza Blue
El Rey $8 $28 Sauza Blue
Fuego $8 N/A Juarez silver
Impala $7 N/A Montezuma tequila blanco
Mission $9 $31 El Jimador silver
Oyamel $11 $55 Sauza Blue
Tico $11 $44 100% blue agave
Tortilla Coast $7 $28 Sauza gold

Have a favorite top-shelf or bargain margarita that isn't listed here? Leave a tip in the comments.

Editor's Note: This story has been updated with additional tequila specifics from Impala.