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Four Cold and Dipping Ramen Alternatives for Warmer Weather

Don't give up the ramen habit

Cold ramen at Daikaya last month
Cold ramen at Daikaya last month

Ramen, at least the kind with chewy noodles and a rich tonkotsu broth, is truly the perfect winter meal. But diners don't have to ditch it just because the weather is warming up. A few ramen shops serve tsukemen-style noodles that are served cold on the side with an accompanying sauce for dipping. Daikaya is casting aside tradition altogether and getting experimental with their cold ramen dishes. Try these cooler noodle alternatives when it's just too hot to face a steaming bowl of soup.


705 6th St. NW

Different cold ramen dishes have been making appearances as the weekly special ramen, served only on Fridays upstairs in the izakaya. Last month, they did a cold ramen with chashu, egg, corn, kombu, tomatoes, beansprouts, carrots, ginger, shredded nori. They've also done a ramen dish that's a play on a Cobb salad with eggs, bacon, mushrooms, blue cheese, and  spinach. Check the restaurant's Facebook page for more creative offerings.


3250 Old Pickett Rd., Fairfax, Va.

This Fairfax spot serves noodles with a variety of dipping sauces like shoyu, miso, and spicy miso along with recommended toppings ranging from corn and wakame to nitamago and chashu.


4000 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, Va.

Jonah Kim's Ballston ramen shop does tsukemen dipping noodles with chicken broth and miso and a crispy chicken thigh.

Toki Underground

1234 H St. NE

Seasonal cold tsukemen is available in both pork fat varieties and vegetarian at Toki. The current version on the menu incorporates carrots, daikon, charred Napa cabbage, fermented vegetables, and herbs.