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David Burke IN at Trump Hotel's BLT Prime; Controversy at Peter Chang Cafe

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Plus, plans change for a club at the Eritrean Cultural Center

Peter Chang Cafe
Peter Chang Cafe
R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

DUPONT CIRCLE— The Eritrean Cultural Center has opened up a club in Dupont. It's members only, though, and they're no longer planning to have food and booze. [Borderstan]

ARLINGTON— Customers and servers at Peter Chang Cafe are in a dispute over an incident from Saturday evening. It involved the servers allegedly writing insults about the customers (including criticizing the size of one's penis) in the restaurant's POS system, which showed up on their receipts. The restaurant is weighing whether to fire the accused servers in question. [WaPo]

DOWNTOWN— Chef David Burke, a multi-time alumnus of "Top Chef Masters," will be the executive chef of BLT Prime in D.C. That's the restaurant bound for the controversy-plagued Trump Hotel in the Old Post Office building. [GoG]