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Yelper Blasts Nick's Riverside Grill, Restaurant Accuses Her of Pooping Her Pants (Updated)

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Nick's Riverside Grill
Nick's Riverside Grill

Things got rather messy over on the Yelp reviews for Nick's Riverside Grill in Georgetown.

According to Washington City Paper, it all began when Yelper Emma C. gave the restaurant one star. She posted a rant about how Nick's allegedly overcharged her for a drink and refused to return her phone call to fix it. She wrote, "NEVER GO AGAIN!WORST SERVICE!"

The restaurant's manager, Liz S., then responded with a shocking accusation. She says Emma C. had lost control of her bowels in the middle of the restaurant and sat in it the entire evening. Nick's Riverside Grill maintains they had to reroute customers past the mess and employees had to clean it up.

Owner Greg Casten tells Washington City Paper he allowed the manager to write the response. He said:

"While an unfortunate incident in general, the woman and her friends left a real mess, included numerous towels we had provided discarded in the restaurant, dirty clothing thrown away in the bathrooms, a ugly, smelly mess just outside our front door and some very distraught employees."

Nick's also said they have the whole incident captured on film. The exchange went viral (it was first published on STATter911) but was later removed from Yelp, but there's still a screenshot here.

UPDATE: A woman claiming to be the Yelp poster wrote in to Washington City Paper later, saying the restaurant has her mixed up with another patron.

SECOND UPDATE (6/3): Nick's Riverside Grill sent an apology to Washington City Paper, saying they do believe there was a mix-up between the alleged pooper and alleged Yelper.  He writes, in part, "I believe that Nick's Riverside Grill has made a mistake. After extensive research which revealed new facts, stern cross examination of the numerous employees involved, and speaking with the friends of the woman who wrote the review, there is clear evidence that a mistake in identity did happen."

Nick's Riverside Grille

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