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The Early Word on Bantam King from the Daikaya Team

"tastes like cup of noodles on steroids"

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Bantam King
Bantam King
Farrah Skeiky/Official

Bantam King, the highly-anticipated follow-up to Daikaya, opened earlier this month in Chinatown. Located inside a former Burger King at 501 G St. NW, it's right around the corner from the team's other restaurant. But the menu is totally different— Bantam King is dedicated to chicken ramen.

Diners can choose from delicate chintan broth or the milkier paitan variety, as well as flavorings like soy or miso. The small menu also offers vegan ramen, a family-style fried chicken diner, and chicken gyoza. Beverage choices include Japanese beer, sake, and shochu. The restaurant already has 11 Yelp reviews with an overall rating of four and half stars. Read on for the early word on Bantam King:

The Fun, Plain and Simple Design News: Brightest Young Things writes, "The design of the restaurant.. is fun, plain and simple. The floor is part old, part new...Nothing exactly matches and that’s intentional. " Zagat says, "This place channels the fun, playful side of Japan with cafeteria trays lining the walls, colorful paper lanterns and paint schemes; there are also school cafeteria chairs and Japanese comic book wallpaper." [BYT, Zagat]

The Gyoza Delicious AF News: Instagrammer @hungrylobbyist writes, "These chicken dumplings… are delicious AF" and Instagrammer @rlingur says, "gyoza on point." Yelper Dan L. writes, "The chicken dumplings were pretty tasty as well." [Instagram, Yelp]

The Cup of Noodles on Steroids News: Twitter user @tweetceekay writes, "tastes like cup of noodles on steroids," and DCist says,"it's essentially the Japanese version of chicken soup, a soulful dish that will cure whatever ails you." Yelper Alice W. writes, "It honestly reminds me of my mom's chicken noodle soup, which is always a comfort for me." [Twitter, DCist, Yelp]

The Paitan vs. Chintan Broth News: Cloture Club writes, "Paitan broth has a rich and creamy chicken-based broth. Chintan broth is the...clear chicken broth." Yelper Jen C. tried both varieties and says, "I'm the type who prefers less salty broths and things that are lighter, so the chintan I enjoyed a lot more than the paitan." [Cloture Club, Yelp]

The Right Noodles News: Twitter user @billiams says "they clearly picked the right noodles." Blogger Just Souled Out writes, "The noodles held excellent quality as expected with a slightly thinner component from its sister business." Yelper Ian J. adds, "the noodles are perfectly cooked."  [Twitter, Just Souled Out, Yelp]

The ZOMG Onsen Egg News: Yelper Kristin B. writes, "they offer an onsen egg... you can order to crack and plop into your ramen.  This action brought great joy to a few of my dining companions, and the egg was perfectly poached." Twitter user @jennib3 simply says, "It came with an onsen egg. ZOMG." [Yelp, Twitter]

The Why Fried Chicken News: Instagrammer @vablonsky says, "Crispy and juicy chicken and great sides to boot," but Yelper AL K. writes, "For me the chicken was crispy but bland. Pricey for what its is compared to what is available in the market." Blogger Just Souled Out was not a fan of the fast food-inspired sides like mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. As for the chicken, she writes, "my remark is why? I question adding this component to the menu without a unique sense of flavoring... Sorry, Bantam King but there’s no chance I’ll order this ever again." [Instagram, Yelp, Just Souled Out]

The Comparisons to Daikaya News: Instagrammer @amylalalas writes, "it's a good option when you don't want something as heavy as daikaya since it definitely has a lighter broth. i think i prefer daikaya's thicker noodle though!" But Yelper Kristin B. calls Bantam King "Daikaya-level good." [Instagram, Yelp]