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Hazel's Just About Open in Shaw, Plus More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning

Duck from Hazel
Duck from Hazel
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Hazel watch

Note the date: chef Rob Rubba's Hazel, the Neighborhood Restaurant Group's Shaw restaurant opening at 808 V St. Nw, will open this coming Monday. Menu details and more to come then.

Barbecue blues

'Cue fans are missing the work of former DCity Smokehouse pitmaster Rob Sonderman. Tim Carman talks to the chef, who says he's about a year away from opening his own place. Carman, whose barbecue guide debuted yesterday, also has rankings for specific barbecue dishes in D.C., like brisket and pulled pork. [WaPo]

Sorta local

Can major chains succeed when they try to incorporate local ingredients into their offerings? Eater investigates. [E]

Attention vegetarians

Feeling slighted in the tasting menu department? Head to Commissary next Thursday, where they'll host an eight-course vegetarian tasting dinner with dishes like Kung Pao brussels sprouts and more. The dinner is $60 with wines, $40 without. And don't forget to peruse Eater's core vegetarian maps for other ideas.