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A Food History of the Supreme Court, Plus More Intel

Changes at Le Mediterranean Bistro, and more

Supreme Court justices
Supreme Court justices
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images


Le Mediterranean Bistro is under new ownership. Adam and Konjit Turock will now run the ship, and they're about to add lunch and brunch. [NoVa Mag]

Candy for justice

Washington Business Journal has a lot of fun facts about how the Supreme Court has been influenced by food over the years. Justice Sonia Sotomayor is the candy bowl woman; former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor used to bring home beef jerky made by her family. [WBJ]

Consider the soufflé

Eater takes a hard look at the iconic dessert, the soufflé, and there are some D.C. anecdotes here (including some anecdotes from The Inn at Little Washington and The Grill Room). [E]

Gorgeous drink alert

Fiola Mare's making a big claim here, but they just might have something:

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