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The Early Word on All-Purpose in Shaw

"I believe we have a new pizza champion in the DC area"

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R. Lopez

All-Purpose opened last month in Shaw inside The Colonel building. The pizzeria is a collaboration between the teams behind Red Hen and Boundary Stone. Besides pizza, there's antipasti, charcuterie, and bruschetta, stuffed meatballs, sweetbreads, and other entrees and appetizers. The wine list leans domestic and Italian.

The restaurant has 15 Yelp reviews with an overall rating of four stars. But how does it measure up to the owners' other restaurants? Read on for the early word on All-Purpose;

The Smaller Than Expected News: Yelper Caitlin O. writes, "The space is super cute, smaller than I expected, but a nice separate bar area to wait in."  Yelper Andrew J. noticed, "It's not huge, so tables are somewhat close together,"  Yelper Andrea M. adds, "These tables are just insanely close. To make matters worse one of the couples beside us were having a huge fight laced with long moments of tension filled silence and lots of evil eye towards each other. Since we were practically sitting with them, it was hard to ignore and a bit uncomfortable." [Yelp]

The Pretty Great Drinks News: Diners seem to like the cocktail list focused on Italian spirits. An anonymous PoPville commenter says they have "great drinks," and Yelper Max L. says " Drinks are pretty great as well." [PoP/Yelp]

The Artichokes Worthy of Songs News: Instagrammer @e_pod writes "LET ME SING SONGS about the fried baby artichokes w/ romesco and 'feta ranch'" and Yelper Caitlin O. says "The fried baby artichokes were to die for." [Instagram, Yelp]

The New Pizza Champion News: Yelper Danish Z. writes, "I believe we have a new pizza champion in the DC area" and recommends the Buona pizza with pepperoni and chili honey. Twitter user @meggalooch adds, "Never knew my pepperoni pizza was missing chili honey until today." Instagrammer @beenthereeatenthat says, "The pizza at All Purpose brings tears to my eyes." [Yelp, Twitter, Instagram]

The Awesome Stuffed Meatballs News: Yelper Bob N. says the mozzarella-stuffed meatballs have "a nice taste and texture." Instagrammer @gordyspicklejar writes, "so awesome!! loved every bite."  [Yelp, Instagram]

The Delicious Dessert Experience News: Yelper Andrea M. says, "We finished with the Rainbow Cookie Cake and I congratulate myself on that wonderful decision because it was the perfect dessert! Not to sweet, but nice and flavorful." Instagrammer @bunzymint posted a picture of the cake and writes, "Thank you, universe, for this moment," and Instagrammer @cheapmojo calls it "a delicious dessert experience." [Yelp, Instagram]

The Inconsistent Service News: Yelper Glinda G. says "Really friendly service..." Instagrammer @acapitolocontessa says, "service was a MAJOR issue." Yelper E S.also rants about not being seated without a full party while other diners with children were seated. [Yelp, Instagram]

The Price Debate News: PoPville commenters are once again debating whether the prices are too high. One commenter who has actually eaten at All-Purpose says, "Food is quite good and not that expensive." But Yelper A.K.R. writes, "Bill for two for four glasses of wine, one beer, two starters, olives, and one pizza came to $125 with tip. We felt it pretty steep for what we got." [PoPville, Yelp]

All-Purpose - Shaw

1250 9th St NW, Washington, D.C. 20001 202-849-6174 Visit Website