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Drink Moscow Mules with Local Vodka at The Ivy Room

The tasting room within Republic Restoratives' distillery officially debuts tonight

The Ivy Room
The Ivy Room
John Robinson/Official
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Ivy City's newest cocktail bar is located within one of its new distilleries.

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The Ivy Room, which officially opens to the public tonight, is a collaboration between Republic Restorative Distillery founders Rachel Gardener and Pia Carusone, as well as Vinoda Basnayake (David Strauss heads up the bar program). The venue will feature cocktails all made with Civic Vodka, the in-house spirit for the distillery.

The space, located within the 7,000 square foot distillery), is about 800 square feet in size. They're serving up drinks like Moscow Mules (with in-house ginger beer), vodka tonics, classic martinis and custom drinks like an Ivy City Swizzle (with mint and bitters). The space was designed by MAPOS, a New York-based firm.

Republic Restoratives opened for tours and tastings about a month ago. It's one of four local distilleries located within the Ivy City neighborhood.

The Ivy Room, 1369 New York Ave. NE, website

The Ivy Room [Photo: Jon Robinson/Official] Photo: Republic Restoratives

The Ivy Room [Photo: John Robinson/Official]