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Essential Dishes; Ian Fletcher IN at The Fainting Goat

Plus, a new festival

The Fainting Goat
The Fainting Goat
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

IVY CITY—Expect a big new arts and bluegrass festival this summer in D.C. DixieFest, from the Mason Dixie biscuit folks, will take place in August with food, bands, a dog-friendly atmosphere and more. Additional info here. [EaterWire]

U STREET— Ian Fletcher is the new beverage director at The Fainting Goat. He's putting together a bunch of new additions to their cocktail program, including Aperol ice cubes, matcha punch, gazpacho cocktails and more. [EaterWire]

THE CRITICS— It's time for The Washington Post's annual rundown of essential Washington dishes. There are some good ones on here, like the lamb ribs at Tail Up Goat and Maketto's fried chicken. Also, pan-fried soup dumplings. [WaPo]