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D.C. Restaurants Try to Lure in Pokémon Go Players

Gotta catch 'em all

A Pokemon character at Mad Fox Brewing Company
A Pokemon character at Mad Fox Brewing Company
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Pokémon Go, the augmented reality game, has clearly taken the nation by storm in only a few days. And D.C. restaurants are no exception.

The game, which uses GPS and smartphone cameras to turn players' worlds into a Pokémon-infested paradise, has players walking around their neighborhoods and beyond in an attempt to catch various characters. Certain major landmarks also turn into "gyms" and "Pokestops" where players can fill up on supplies and battle other characters.

Said landmarks have a surrounding radius of about 15 meters, meaning restaurants can easily fall into their reach. As a result, D.C. restaurants are likely to see additional customers, for better or worse, wandering into their locations in the hopes of finding creatures or leveling up.

Locations ranging from beloved D.C. bar Duffy's to Falls Church brewery Mad Fox to Alexandria bakery Hollin Hall Pastry Shop also double as gyms. Duffy's is all about welcoming players to the bar, promoting its free wi-fi and multiple outlets on Facebook and even setting a "lure" to draw players to the bar last Sunday.

Duffy's on Pokemon Go

Duffy's on Pokemon Go

Players in the Reddit community are planning to meet up at Easter Market this Saturday for a Pokemon brunch. They'll start off at the D.C. institution Market Lunch (known for its blueberry pancakes) and make their way towards the National Mall, with the hopes of collecting Pokemon along the way.

Know of any restaurants or bars offering Pokémon GO-related specials? Send them to, and Eater will include a roundup of offerings here:

Bump 'N Grind: This Silver Spring coffee house has a whole menu of Pokemon drinks to go with the game.

Ventnor Sports Cafe: Ventnor plans to post lures outside its location starting today, and will offer a $7 Pokemon punch through the weekend.

Astro Doughnuts: Astro has a special "Poke Ball" doughnut it will offer in its stores and in the truck Friday through Sunday, for $2.65.

Astro's Poke Ball doughnut [Photo: Official]

Astro's Poke Ball doughnut [Photo: Official]

Orange Anchor: The restaurant is hosting and orange crush and grapefruit-crush themed Instagram contest involving Pokemon Go. More details here.

Baked by Yael: The cakepoppery is offering special themed Poképops as well as discounts for those who tag photos of them on social media.

Pokepops [Photo: Official]

Pokepops [Photo: Official]

Cooper Canyon Grill: The Gaithersburg and Silver Spring locations of the chain have each put together Pokemon-inspired cocktails like the Charmander Martini, and running a contest with them on social media as well.

Cyclone Anaya's: The Mexican restaurant will have a Pokemon-themed happy hour with lures and margarita specials on Tuesday, July 26.