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Chefs Will Experiment With Wacky Doughnut Creations at Sugar Shack

Their "DonutLab" project kicks off Wednesday

The cannoli doughnut
The cannoli doughnut

Expect doughnut flavors to get even wackier at Sugar Shack, starting tomorrow

The doughnut mini-chain is starting a new promotion called "DonutLab." Chefs will roll out weird flavors each Wednesday, and Arlington and Alexandria locations will compete against each other for the best flavors. They'll encourage diners to vote for favorites using the hashtag "#DonutLab" on social media.

The first week will boast a "Munchies" doughnut from the Alexandria location topped with junk food like potato chips and M&Ms, while Arlington is selling a Cannoli-flavored doughnut. New flavors will be available through the weekend each week. The shop hopes to incorporate customer suggestions for flavors, too.

The "Munchies" doughnut [Photo: Official]

The "Munchies" doughnut [Photo: Official]

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