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Colada Shop's Coffee Program Will Emphasize Sharing

The cafe is nearing its first opening, with another on the way

Colada Shop coffee
Colada Shop coffee
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

It's no surprise that coffee will be a major focus at The Colada Shop, the upcoming cafe from Juan Coronado and Daniella Senior opening later this year — it's right there in the name. "Colada" refers to the Cuban style of coffee where multiple drinkers use mini cups to all partake in a four- to five-ounce container of coffee, spiked with a whipped sugar concoction.

"We loved what that meant," said Senior, who says the practice of sharing the coffee in Cuba and Miami usually happens in the afternoon (morning coffee routines are more individualized and similar to the American coffee culture). Naturally, when Colada Shop opens its locations in Sterling and Logan Circle later this year, they will offer coladas. Since not everyone is a fan of sweet coffee, customers will be able to request coladas unsweetened, half sugar or "Miami sweet."

A tamarind-spiked coffee mocktail from Colada Shop [Photo: Official]

A tamarind-spiked coffee mocktail from Colada Shop [Photo: Official]

They'll offer other Cuban-inspired coffee drinks as well, including a cafe con leche, cortadito (a drink made with evaporated milk that's Senior's personal favorite), a cafe bonbon made with condensed milk and espresso, and a cafecito (essentially an individual colada). Compass Coffee, which is collaborating with the team, is also developing their own coffee blend that they'll sell retail as well (Senior describes it as having a strong, intense flavor with notes of tobacco and cocoa). Eventually, they'd like to bring in single-origin pours from Cuba, and are in the process of sourcing some, but federal regulations make doing so a challenge. Coronado is also at work on some coffee cocktails for the cafe, including a tamarind mocktail with cold brew and tonic, and some bottled cocktails.

The Sterling location of Colada Shop is still on track to open in mid-August, while the D.C. location will open several months after that. Catch up on Eater's Colada Shop coverage here.