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Where to Cool Off with Frosé in D.C.

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Yes, it's what it sounds like: frozen rosé wine

Froze at the Brixton
Froze at the Brixton

It's this summer's big drink trend. Icy and boozy at the same time, frosé is a cross between rosé wine and a slushie. It's a playful, childlike treat that's meant only for adults.

Rosé wine has had a huge resurgence in popularity over the last several years and wine slushies have also been appearing here and there. Now bartenders are taking it to the next level and combining the two items. It's not as simple as pouring from fruity rosé into a margarita machine, though.

Bars are putting their own mark on the drink, spiking it with Aperol, fruit, and even flavored vodkas. It's ideal for hot summer days spent on the patio, rooftop, or even hiding in an air conditioned bar.

2 Birds 1 Stone

1800 14th St. NW

During frappé hour, the bar is planning to do a spin on frosé available on select Tuesdays from 6-8 p.m. "All Rosé Everything" will be made with Capitoline rosé vermouth, raspberry, BrancaMenta, and lemon juice. Follow their Instagram and Twitter for updates.


2400 Wisconsin Ave. NW

Frosé has been spotted in Glover Park at this Italian restaurant. The wine is mixed with Stoli Raz, simple syrup, and lemon juice and then transformed into a slushie.

The Brixton

901 U St. NW

Rosé wine isn't exactly English, but this British-themed bars still makes a popular frosé with homemade lemonade and a touch of Aperol.

Lyman's Tavern

3720 14th St. NW

Frosé and pinball sound like an unlikely combination. But it's just one of the many rotating frozen drink specials regularly getting poured from the margarita machines at this Petworth bar.

Macon Bistro and Larder

5520 Connecticut Ave NW

The Chevy Chase neighborhood bistro makes the Catalonian Freeze drink with Spanish rosé, fresh berries, honey, and mint.

Orange Anchor

3050 K St. NW

There's no better place to try frosé than on the Georgetown waterfront. This version combines rosé wine, fresh lemon, and strawberry.

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