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The Early Word on Pizzeria Vetri in D.C.

The Philly transplant arrives with fried dough balls

Pizzeria Vetri
Pizzeria Vetri

Philadelphia's Pizzera Vetri opened its first D.C. location to great fanfare last month, proving area residents can never have enough wood-fired dough.

The 75-seat restaurant at 2221 14th St. NW serves Sicilian and Neapolitan pies. Yelpers and bloggers are also fans of the stuffed pizza roll-ups, or rotolos. Dessert lovers can dig into the nutella and marshmallow pizza, fried pizza dough balls dipped in chocolate, or the miso honey gelato, collaboration with Daikaya's Katsuya Fukushima.

The restaurant has nine Yelp reviews, with an overall rating of four stars. Read on for the early word on Pizzeria Vetri.

I Spent How Much On Pizza News: Wallet watchers beware: ingredients like crab and prosciutto crudo push some pizzas close to $30. DCist writes, "Some of the more expensive pizzas, like one with prosciutto crudo, head into $30 territory." Brightest Young Things says the hefty $24 price tag for the Granchio, with Maryland blue crab, mozzarella, peppers and herb, is worth the dough. BYT writes, "I'm incredibly particular when it comes to crab, but the sweetness of the meat plays with the acidity of the peppers beautifully." [DCist, BYT]

The Must Try News: Washingtonian and DCist recommend the rotolos, stuffed with mortadella and smothered with pistachio pesto. "Don't ignore classics like the signature mortadella-stuffed rotolo, slathered with pistachio pesto," Washingtonian writes. [Washingtonian, DCist]

The Word on the Cocktails News: Brightest Young Things recommends the Amalfi Daiquiri, with fennel liqueur, rum, grapefruit and lime, noting that the "fennel liqueur adds a complexity you don't' always see in a daiquiri." Yelper Sara M. writes that the rosemary grapefruit cocktail was STRONG (note the all caps), with Tito's vodka, bitters and an herbal sprig. [BYT, Yelp]

The Worth The Hype News: Stephen Zepecki writes on Facebook, "Finally, I have found real pizza in DC! This will definitely become my go-to pizza place. Instagrammer @Jpm569 claims Pizzeria Vetri DC is the "best pizza I've ever had." [FB, IG]

The Not Worth The Hype News: Yelper Sasha F. writes, "The pizza was decent. Not as good as pizzeria paradise or [Etto] or even &Pizza." [Yelp]

The Service Could Use Some Improvement News:  Some Yelp reviewers complain of a long wait for food and drinks. Yelper Josh P. writes, "They clearly are still working out the kinks with the service, though. It took about ten minutes from when we sat down for our waiter to even come over to address us and the quality of the service throughout the meal was less-than-smooth." [Yelp]