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Perform These Epic Eating Challenges for Free Food and Glory

It's not the Olympics, but it's still a triumph

The Big Bowl Challenge at Sprig & Sprout
The Big Bowl Challenge at Sprig & Sprout

The Summer Olympics are on, which brings out the competitive spirit in everyone — but not everyone can be a gold medal-earning athlete. For those who would rather eat lots of beef than become a beefcake, here are a handful of epic food challenges around town.

The Li'l Petey at Bubs and Pops

The Li'l Petey challenge requires participants to eat the entire Li'l Petey sandwich and all the chips it's served with in only 15 minutes. Winners get the $50 sandwich for free and a picture on the restaurant's Wall of Fame. What's in the Li'l Petey? A healthy helping of prosciutto, capicola, genoa salami, pepperoni, brisket, aged provolone, fried mozzarella sticks, fried chicken, potato chips, hoagie Relish, arugula, roma tomato and fried eggs.

Attempting the L'il Petey [Photo: Facebook]

Attempting the L'il Petey [Photo: Facebook]

The Fat Boy Challenge at Hamilton's Bar & Grill

Those wishing to conquer the Fat Boy Challenge's have one hour to eat two "Big Daddy" concoctions and one pound of tater tots loaded with chili, cheese, jalapenos and habanero sauce. Each Big Daddy includes two half pound patties, thousand island, pickles, onion straws, lettuce and American cheese. Victors win a
T-shirt, but are still set back $28.99 for the meal.

El Toro Burrito Challenge at Pica Taco

One day a month, Pica Taco holds a Burrito Challenge, in which hungry guests must eat a four pound burrito in 45 minutes without any assistance. Those who rise to the task get their meal for free, plus a $20 gift card, a T-shirt, and their photo on the wall. Those who lose pay $20 for the burrito and the experience.

Big Bowl at Sprig and Sprout

Two pounds of noodles, two pounds of flank and lean brisket, two and half quarts of broth, and one pound of sprouts, onions and cilantro, make the Big Bowl Challenge a hearty undertaking. Potential Pho Kings and Queens have one hour, with no help, no sharing, and no bathroom breaks to finish it all and keep it down. The prize: The meal is free, and winners get pictures and videos of the triumph on the website, as well as their name engraved on a plaque on the restaurant's wall. Those who falter pay $40 for the bowl (but get to keep the leftovers). They also have a vegetarian-friendly version of the challenge.

The 40 oz Reuben Sandwich at Chutzpah

To become a top-class corned beef consuming champion, contestants need only finish what the Chutzpah menu so politely deems a "tiny little sandwich," as well as the hand-cut fries it's served with in 30 minutes. Complete the task, and the $44.44 meal is on the house.

The 40 oz Reuben [Photo: Crystal B/Yelp]

The 40 oz Reuben [Photo: Crystal B/Yelp]