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The Passenger is Back in Business, Open in a New Location

With chartreuse on tap

The Passenger
The Passenger

It's back. The Passenger has reopened its doors in a new location. The bar officially opened for business last night (after hosting a preview party on Monday). It is now located at 1539 7th St. NW, in the Shaw neighborhood of D.C.

The bar closed up its original location near the city's Convention Center at the end of 2014 (the building was being redeveloped). The new spot has chartreuse on tap, among other attractions, and an informal cocktail menu with some chalkboard specials. Washington City Paper reports the space is slightly smaller, though doesn't feel like it since it no longer includes The Columbia Room, which now has its ownseparate location in Shaw. There's an upstairs stage, wall art from five different artists, and the original bartop from the first location, according to the report. Expect the bar's popular hangover brunch to return as well. Reps have not responded to Eater requests for details. Status: Certified open. 1539 7th St. NWwebsite.