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More Poke, Ethiopian Food, and Other Restaurant Construction Updates

Abunai Poke, Fasika Ethiopian Cuisine, and more in Plywood Report

Abunai truck
Abunai truck
Art P/Yelp
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

1) SHAW: Get ready for more Ethiopian, Shaw. Borderstan spots a permit for Fasika Ethiopian Cuisine, which is headed to 1924 9th St. NW, in the cluster of Ethopian restaurants in the historic neighborhood. They’ll have room for about 46 seats, but not much more information was available. [PLYWOOD]

2) ADAMS MORGAN: The restaurant Awash is becoming Asmara at 2218 18th St. NW, according to PoPville. Plywood is up and there’s new signage; unclear at this point if the restaurant is under new ownership. [PLYWOOD]

3) DOWNTOWN: The poke craze continues with the pending opening of Abunai Poke (from the Hawaiian food truck operator of the same name). The shop will open at 1920 L St. NW, according to Washingtonian. Bowls will be customizable. [PLYWOOD]

4) ATLAS DISTRICT: The planned coffee shop from the owners of the Wydown bound for the Apollo building on H Street is coming along. District Cuisine says they’re shooting for fall; no name yet, but there are further details. [PLYWOOD]