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Xi'an Famous Foods Still Coming to D.C., Plus More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning

Jason Wang of Xi'an Famous Foods
Jason Wang of Xi'an Famous Foods
Daniel Krieger/ENY
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

For sale

Always wanted to own a beer tap from Hard Times? The Clarendon location’s contents are up for auction, including signs and furniture. [ARLNOW]


Good news — D.C. is still on the radar for Xi’an Famous Foods. The New York-based noodle favorite said back in 2014 that it would like to expand to D.C. (as well as Boston). Eater NY checks in with the company, which just bought a massive production facility to aid in its expansion. D.C. and Boston are both still coming, but it will be awhile — reps tell New York that Boston will likely be first, and even that’s a year or two off. [ENY]

So hot right now

Were they all going to Rose’s Luxury? D.C. broke a tourism record for 2015, bringing in 21.3 million visitors last year. [WTOP]

Beer here

Will such breweries as Hill Farmstead and New Glarus ever come to D.C.? Local beer hounds sure hope so. [WCP]

And today’s "this just looks good" winner...

...Check out this throwback lobster thermidor dish on Occidental’s menu. And it’s only available one more day. [FB]